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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

A comprehensive eye exam will help evaluation not only how well you see, but also any potential eye diseases. Some eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can result in serious vision loss if not detected and treated early.

Diabetic Eye Exams).

Diabetes is a disorder of sugar metabolism, in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin (Type I) and/or the insulin is not working properly due to abnormal substances in the bloodstream (Type II

Glaucoma Evaluation and Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disease characterized by a gradual & progressive damage to the optic nerve, which can lead to loss of vision. It is a leading cause of irreversible blindness. We perform treatment and evaluation to help you.

Cataract Surgery

Many years ago, cataract surgery involved an overnight stay in the hospital and a lengthy recovery period. Now, we make cataract surgery comfortable with minimal discomfort and disruption of your lifestyle.

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There is a wide variety of problems that can affect the eyelids and related structures, and consequently damage the eyes and vision.

Botox Injections

BOTOX® is an injectible form of a protein (purified botulinum toxin type A), which is used to relax specific muscles.

External Diseases

This term refers to disorders of the cornea and conjunctiva of the eyes. In addition to simple “pink-eye” (a virus infection), there are bacterial infections, ulcerations, dry eyes and the like.

Cataract Surgery

As we age the protein in the lens which is normally arranged in a very precise manner, undergoes chemical changes to cloud part or all of the lens.


Since its founding in 1973, Eye Surgery Associates has offered patients outstanding ophthalmic care. Dr. Anthony Musto, Dr. Brian DeBroff, Dr. Vicente Diaz and Dr. Jennifer A. Galvin offer compassionate and friendly care and focus on the individual needs of each patient.

We personally listen to the concerns of our patients, answer individual questions, and never rush a patient. Our staff, which includes a number of certified ophthalmic assistants (COA) with a combined 30+ years of experience, is courteous, polite, and respectful.

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